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Fan Videos – Kimura Trap in Action!

I love getting emails and Facebook Messages from fellow Kimura Trappers letting me know how much the system has helped them. But I REALLY love it when they send me videos of them using it! David John using a great Kimura Lock Down setup into a back take, and scored a last minute finish in […]

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Old School Wrestling Battle

This is another great wrestling battle I had way back in 2002 against Rodrigo “Baga” Ramos. At the time, he was a BJJ Brown Belt that I knew nothing about. I didn’t realize we were going to throw down and go back and forth in this great match up. It doesn’t take long for the […]

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There is a first time for everything…

Back in 2002, I was known by some in the grappling scene in south Florida as “the Black Belt Wrestler.” It was a term they used to say that I didn’t really know Jiu Jitsu. My brother and I weren’t ranked in BJJ at the time, and being Americans with a wrestling background (and keep […]

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Technique from UFC 201 – Hip Strike

In UFC 201, Freddy Serrano used an unusual technique in the second round of this fight against Ryan Benoit. Joe Rogan thought it was an illegal move, but the referee clarified that it was on camera. The Hip Smash or Hip Strike is a legit technique, and is something that I had been preaching to […]

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Old School NAGA Matches

Here is another blast from the past. Well actually there are two matches in this one video back to back. These are some videos I found buried on my computer from over a decade ago. Probably between 2000-2002, I can’t remember the exact dates. It was one of my first NAGA Pro divisions in Connecticut. […]

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2 Mistakes Most People Make With The Kimura

I posted this video a while back for Kimura Trap System buyers, but it is too valuable not to share with everyone. If you enjoy that video, make sure to read the full blog post here: http://kimuratrap.com/kimura-grip/

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Three Times a Charm for the Kimura

Florent Minguet definitely is a fan of the Kimura, as you will see in this match he had with Patric Aumagy in the IBJJF open No-GI Brown Adult Absolute. This match has some surprise twists, as I thought I saw the Kimura lock finish two times before the Florent actually finished it. A lot of […]

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SORRY – Site Update In Progress

This website was in desperate need of an update, and I have been working to renovate it so that it would be mobile friendly and provide some new recurring content to it. I expect for it to be fully operational by Monday (7/25/2016). I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Dan Faggella – Grapplers Quest Toe Hold Breakdown

For this blog, I will be having BJJ Black Belt Dan Faggella contribute an article that I think you all will learn something from. Dan is a No Gi Pan Am Champion, and has some great leg locks in his arsenal, which he will be breaking down below. If you are interested in learning how […]

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Lifting for Strength

lifting strength

Carrying off from yesterday’s post, let me share with you my approach towards building strength and muscle. First, all the lifting workouts are short at around 30 minutes. The work period ranges from 15-30 seconds. Rest time is about 1-2 minutes, and should be used to hydrate and stretch. Also, you should have a good […]

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