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When should you lie?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 41 “Every lie is two lies, the lie we tell others and the lie we tell ourselves to justify it.” Robert Brault Let’s face it – people lie. Big lies, little lies, deceptive speech, lies of omission, and everything in between. Some lies are very well calculated, others just flow out freely without a […]

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Knowing what NOT to do can be more important for survival

#TrueTalkTuesdays 40 “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Michael Porter Yesterday I shared a video breakdown of what Rose Namajunas did wrong when using the Kimura against Jessica Andrade in the UFC 237 main event. What you might not have known was that Rose used the Kimura multiple times throughout the […]

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Slow Cooking To Remove Soreness?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 39 “Funny how quickly the mind moves, but how slowly time does when you’re in pain.” Josephine Angelini, Trial by Fire So if you have been following me, you know that I have been doing work on my health and fitness. Between physical therapy, walking, jogging, weight training, and diet – I have been […]

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The Heart of a Champion

#TrueTalkTuesdays 38 “MMA is about showing who would live and who would die in a real fight.” Jason Soares In Titan FC 54, my black belt Jason “the Specimen” Soares defended his belt against Ariston Franca in the main event of the evening. As if fighting is not tough enough, he had the additional pressure […]

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How to get off a plateau?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 37 “Plateaus are a manifestation of the law of diminishing returns, and when we reach one it simply means that it is time to adjust our methods.” Chris Matakas I hit a plateau, and I only just realized it after 6 weeks. As you might know, since October of 2018, I made a change […]

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What is the thing you need to work on the most?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 36 “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway We sometimes forget to ask ourselves this all-important question. Being on top of the food chain, we have the unique ability to stop, and self-reflect – a luxury most animals on […]

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Bare Knuckle Boxing – the future of combat sports?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 35 “Some Warriors look fierce, but are mild. Some seem timid, but are vicious. Look beyond appearances; position yourself for the advantage.” Deng Ming-Dao Bare Knuckle Boxing has arrived and certainly delivered on savageness as Artem Lobov and Jason Knight went to war. If you are unfamiliar, bare knuckle boxing is just as it […]

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When is it time to call it quits?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 34 “After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.” Unknown It’s hard for me to watch fighters continuing to compete past their prime and sustain more and more damage. But is it our place to decide when someone should end their competitive career? The first fighter to come to mind is BJ […]

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Is pulling guard a sign of weakness?

#TrueTalkTuesdays 33 “I would prefer a sword to fight duel, but a pen to plan a war. “ Robert Thier, Storm and Silence When you see a fighter pull guard, it is usually seen as a desperation move. Someone who just got rocked from a strike, or just trying to avoid a superior striker. But […]

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Shifting and Stance Switching

#TrueTalkTuesdays 32 “The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it. “ Chris Pine In MMA, it is now common place to have fighters to switch stance throughout a fight. But is that a good strategy? We […]

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