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Conor McGregor and Bus Attack – Actions of a Man or Child?

UFC 223 has fallen apart in just 24 hours. A big part of that was due to the actions of Conor McGregor. From my understanding, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team bullied Artem Lobov (one of McGregor’s team mates) when he was by himself. I’m unclear if there was any physical contact (it doesn’t seem like it), but […]

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SPY CAM – Robert Drysdale Jiu Jitsu Butterfly Guard Arm Drag Series

Just an hour after landing from a long flight from Japan, Robert Drysdale came to teach the Friday 5:30pm (2/16/18) No Gi class. One of the reasons I made his academy my home in Las Vegas was because of how good his instruction is, so I wanted to share some of his technique with you […]

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My Experience In The Land Down Under

After 3 weeks of touring in Australia, it’s good to be back home in Las Vegas. The trip was more hectic than I imagined, with some near catastrophic situations that put the whole tour in peril. The first fiasco was right before the trip even started. My girlfriend (Jamie) and I had left for the […]

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ADCC 2017 – The Rise of the Under Dog

Every edition of the ADCC World Championships has upsets, but this year the upsets were bigger than ever. What was unique to me was that I got to share the mats with two of the stars that had the biggest upsets of the day: Craig Jones and Elvira Karppinen. Each of them are part of small teams in […]

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My Interview with Unite the Podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anton from Unite BJJ (Instagram of @unitebjj) and talking about my journey through the martial arts. Just click below to take a listen:

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There is stretching, and then there is this…

Being in the martial arts for about 22 years now, I have done all sorts of stretching routines and massage therapies with good success. However, it takes a good amount of time and consistency to get results, which is true for most things in life. Having recently hurt me knee, my girlfriend suggested that I […]

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Ouch my knee! How to deal with injuries

It all happens so quickly. I setup the truck from fours, and right away got a hold of his toes to finish the calf slicer. I was slowly applying pressure to finish the hold, but my partner spazzed out to escape and my knee popped. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of dealing with a sport […]

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PSA: Be careful with moving companies

I mentioned how I got scammed by the moving company in my last email, so I feel as a community service I should make a mention of it to protect you from suffering the same ordeal. The above video is what I felt like doing throughout this process, lol! Here is my story: The first […]

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How to get a good training session by yourself

I apologize for the framing of this video, as I originally was filming this just for myself and didn’t think too carefully about camera placement. But it still does a great job of conveying the message I wanted to get out. I have people who message me all the time asking me for help on […]

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Discovery of the Reverse Kimura Trap

Continuing from my last post, let me give you a real world example of how discovery can take place – using the Reverse Kimura Trap. I have known about using the Reverse Kimura from guard to a Flower sweep for over a decade. I had used it from time to time, but never thought about […]

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