Hosting MMA & BJJ Seminars


Seminar at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand

Seminars are a great way of getting a concentrated blast of technique from top level talent. I know I have learned techniques from seminars that I have went on to win many matches with. Even learning just one technique or concept makes a seminar worth it’s weight in gold. How do you put a price on a technique that won you a world championship? They are an excellent way of boosting your technique and skill level.

Tri-Delta Sorority Self Defense Seminar

Every seminar that I teach is planned well in advance, as I develop a written lesson plan to make sure all the content is focused and presented in proper order. My seminars run about 3 hours long, and can cover MMA or grappling. I have had the pleasure of teaching seminars across the world and I continue to conduct seminars as time permits.

I just finished the seminar with Master Avellan – Incredible! I have been to numerous seminars in the past 7-8 years with Master Chim. I have been to seminars with Marcello Garcia, Jeff Glover, a bunch of them. Not to say they are no good, but this is hands down, the best seminar I have ever been to.

Rock Starr BJJ Brown Belt

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