Private Lessons

Private lessons are the quickest way of learning martial arts, as your instructor will be able to focus their attention entirely on you and focus on the skills and strategies you need to develop.

I take it to another level as an instructor, and work with my students to develop lesson plans specifically tailored to their needs. I find this results in a much more focused and detailed lesson that the student gains much more out of, with the bonus that they get to take home the lesson plan as notes to remind them of what they have learned.

Private lessons work well for both new students that want to build a solid base in the martial arts, or for experienced black belts that are having trouble in certain areas of their game. I have worked with all sorts of people, young and old, big and small, and can tailor my lesson plans to fit their body type and limitations accordingly.

Here are some of the benefits of taking private lessons:

  • Lesson Plans

  • Technique Instruction

  • Drilling

  • Sparring

  • Conceptual Understanding

  • Reframing

  • Troubleshooting

Lesson Plans

Before each lesson, a lesson plan is made based on the material student wishes to learn. This is something that the student and I discuss beforehand in our initial consultation, so I can understand their needs and focus on the areas they wish to seek improvement on. This lesson plan will cover everything that will be taught during the lesson, and given to student after class. 

Where Do I Offer Private Lessons?

I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and offer private lessons in the area. Also, when I travel for seminars and training camps, I may make myself available to do private lessons in the host town as well.

If you are a local in Las Vegas, then you will have the best access to me, and can schedule lessons on a regular schedule. I recommend at least twice a week for new students to be able to develop a base in the martial arts, while those that just need a tune up here and there can accelerate progress with just once a week. 

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