April 3, 2021

I will be heading down to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for my next BJJ retreat from April 8-16th.

In a couple of days, I will be heading down once again to Costa Rica to run another amazing BJJ retreat at Hero Academy.

This will be my second camp with Hero Academy, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to return. It was my first time doing a BJJ retreat, which then got me into doing them regularly.

I have done plenty of seminars, but the retreat experience is different. With seminars, you are usually dealing with a large group of people in a small window of time, trying to teach a lot of content. It is like drinking from a fire hose. Don’t get me wrong, it is very informative for everyone, and it’s fun to see my teaching have an immediate impact on people, but, there isn’t time to create a connection.

With the retreat, it’s different. I have over a week to teach and get to know each of the campers, which I limit to about 20 people. I do my best to work with each individual, on and off the mats. The result is a much more rewarding experience for both me and the student. For myself, getting to know people for around the world and share in their experience is awesome. I still keep in contact with people from my camps, and have a few that are making the return trip to this camp.

I was hoping to do more of these retreats, but of course the pandemic threw a monkey wrench into my plans. But now that the pandemic seems to be finally coming to a close, I will be looking forward to running more retreats both from my home in Las Vegas, Costa Rica, Thailand, and anywhere else that we can kick back and enjoy life, nature, and martial arts.

If you want to join in, you still can by registering below. We are only offering training only admission at this time ($599 for training from April 9th-16th). Our host will help you if you need to find lodging, transportation, etc. Fortunately, Costa Rica does not require any COVID-19 testing, so getting into the country as pretty straight forward. You just need to get a travel insurance from them (cost me $38 for the whole trip), and fill out an online form 48 hours before leaving to Costa Rica.

So if you are a last minute adventurer, here is your chance! Otherwise, stay tuned as I will be announcing my next retreat once I return from Costa Rica.

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