Double Leg Takedowns 101

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To become the best, we must continuously test ourselves. We measure our performance, evaluate our faults, accept criticism and then work on improving ourselves before starting all over again.

I live by this principle, and I need your help! I wish to be the best instructor I can be, but I need feedback from you to know if I am doing a good job. Let me know if you liked or disliked what you saw in the video by entering a comment below. If you liked it, share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons at the top of the page.

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  • Very good breakdown of double leg take down. Very helpful. Thanks.

  • Jesus Rivas says:

    Hey Master David, I really enjoyed this video! I really wish as a student though without any wrestling or rolling experience, I really want to know more mental gems on how to progress in this part of the game. Example, when rolling live against other students, and I am matched up with another student that I KNOW has a wrestling background and experience, all this thought of technique and execution goes out the window for me because I feel, (which makes it seem like I know) that the other student sees it coming…and I don’t know what to do with that. I feel like I’m applying a basic beginner move to someone whose world’s ahead of me, and just in attempting it I get slammed or worse, completely choked out. How, and this is really it for me in this comment, do I get pass that mental block?

  • Shaun Naude says:

    I’m a big believer in working basics , strong basics are essential for developing a solid foundation

  • I really like the way in which you teach these techniques. Direct simple and effective.
    Thank you very much. ?

  • Jan Holtzhausen says:

    Good technique, demonstrated slowly and clearly.

  • Hola buenas tarde muncho gusto saludes de Honduras

  • Jony Darlong says:

    If your opponent do sprawl then what should you do?

  • I like it ,easy way and practically

  • Good introduction of the Double leg basics. It has all the meat & potatoes of completing D.L. I like that you mention cutting the corner. I feel that movement is important and sometimes gets left out.

  • Khrawpyrkhat Rashir says:

    Thanks a lot for the video. It help me a lot. Osss

  • Thank you for the detailed video sir. I really liked it.

  • Jude.singleton says:

    Hi David I loved your video it is very helpfull and very informative please don’t stop sending me these as you have given me the motivation to try and practice many many thanks Jude.

  • Thanks for the great video keep up the good work would love to see more advanced techniques as they develop look forward to more great videos

  • The heel toe slide gets all your body weight behind your jab.Plus for double leg take down it gets all your body weight momentum moving forward for extra strength and explosive contact to take the guy. down.As always very educational and uplifting to learn!!!

  • Gordon Gene Smith says:

    Very helpful as I try to bounce back from Cov19. I had just received my Blue Belt prior to the illness.
    Thank you.

    • Glad to that, and very glad to hear you are getting better. Hopefully the whole world bounces back from this soon

  • Stephen boyce says:

    Nice and easy details to follow enjoy this video, thanks for sharing

  • William Weber says:

    You are a natural born teacher with a ability to teach anyone at any level superior technique and knowledge for any competitor or situation thar arises …Your simply AWESOME MASTER DAVID!!!

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