Standing Heel Hook

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To become the best, we must continuously test ourselves. We measure our performance, evaluate our faults, accept criticism and then work on improving ourselves before starting all over again.

I live by this principle, and I need your help! I wish to be the best instructor I can be, but I need feedback from you to know if I am doing a good job. Let me know if you liked or disliked what you saw in the video by entering a comment below. If you liked it, share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons at the top of the page.

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  • Good technique well taught.
    Thanks David.

  • Very good practice of domination.

  • Hi David, i liked if ou teach the technique of crucifix in grappling Thank you. Wilmar of Colombia

    • You should visit my site FFAcoach.com/shop – we cover that in great detail in a course called MMA Pins.

  • John prince says:

    Very informative. Cant wait fo see your next video!!!

  • thank ‘s it ‘s very interesting

  • Ulysses Sayson says:

    Wow it looked like it was a good idea to learned that strategic way.

  • Guadalupe Hernandez says:

    I like the way he takes you through the whole move and explains the purpose..I’ll keep watching. and hopefully I’ll learn some good moves and thanks

  • Not bad at all I like it as is my first to see this kind of reap

  • Stephen Sanchez says:

    Great submission I like it’s balanced in this technique and one day in life I would like to meet him and maybe learn some skills I would love to become a beast like him

  • Andrea Brown says:

    Brilliant move I’ve always been really interested in martial arts I think I’m to old now I’m 45 years old

  • Christian Cochran says:

    Love it, do you do classes for women….need to learn protective stance

  • Rufusraynorjr says:

    I like what I saw very interesting will watch more

  • I do like your instructions very informative. Not very effective in anything but mma training and competition, because of rules.
    I really wish instructors would start really emphasizing that is a competition with rules……….

    • Not sure what you mean Kody. A heel hook works regardless of what rules (or no rules) are going on. My brother and I got into the martial arts for self defense purposes, so we stick to what works in and out of the cage. Naturally there is counters to everything, and allowing biting, eye gouging, finger breaking, etc can introduce some obstacles.

  • Tried the move you were right.Must have tight legs.Would like to learn more on leg hooks

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