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Kimura Trap System

Basic White Belt Move + Wacky Submission = ?


The Hip Bump Sweep is something every white belt should learn within the first few training sessions. It is simple, effective, and has a TON of possibilities for chaining with other techniques.

One of the more unorthodox chains I know is to go from the Hip Bump to the Reverse Kimura. Not only is this a funky grip that most people aren’t used to, it also leads you into an Arm Crusher (reverse arm bar) if he slips out, and if he slips further out he gives you his back. So, it is a pretty nice sweet chain of moves that all stem from the basic Hip Bump.

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dereez says November 30, 2018

your videos are awesome and very helpful David!

Raymond says December 1, 2018

Nice basic stuff! Thanks.

smail says December 3, 2018

thanks for this technique

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