Preview of new website: DavidMMA.com!

If you read the email I sent a couple of days ago but didn’t join yet, I get it. Seeing is believing. So here is a quick tour of the site, which will go live this Thursday!

In case you missed the last email, here is the write up describing what’s going on:

Yes, it’s been a long time since I have posted anything new. Just about 5 months.


If you are still kicking, then you are probably wondering what happened. Did I get lost on a deserted island? Did I get lazy? Or did I just tired of posting online?

The answer is…I have been building.

I have been using the same platform to deliver content for about 12 years now, which is ancient in this day of age. Sure, things were being upgraded so they were usable, but I just started getting tired of the workflow being a bit too tedious.

So, I did what I had to do, which is create my own platform!

When I say I created my own platform, I don’t mean I hired someone to do it. I mean I have made this myself. I was once an electrical engineer, and have dabbled in programming over the years, so I took it upon myself to develop a platform where I can post all my content in one easy to access place.

Fortunately, technology has come along amazingly fast, and the tools are much easier and intuitive to build, allowing me to create what I believe will be a big upgrade in how I will be able to give you all the best instruction possible.

So when I said I was moving, I didn’t mean physically, I meant virtually. 😉

The new website will be called…


All my blog posts, videos, techniques, courses, etc. will be moved over to this new site. The old sites will be left as relics, but no longer updated.

You might be thinking,

“Great for you, but what’s going to be different for me?”

First, I’m going to by posting a LOT more frequently. My personal goal is daily, but publicly I will say 4 times a week. I have 8 different categories of content that I want to deliver:

  • News
  • Techniques
  • Match Breakdowns
  • Fitness
  • Philosophy
  • Training Tips
  • Events
  • Podcast

On top of that, all of the content I’m going to post is going to be Video, so I hope you enjoy seeing my face and hearing my voice regularly. 🙂

Previously, I was hosting the Breaking the Guard Podcast with Robert Drysdale, but that fall apart because Robert is a busy man and usually traveling around the world.

So I’m going to start a new podcast and run it solo – that way I don’t have to worry about anyone having to show up. My new podcast is going to run for about 15-30 minutes, covering a few topical news items, and then cover a topic of my choice to dig into. This will be a weekly podcast at the start, which I hope will provide you all a lot of value.

While that might sound nice, I think the next change is a bigger shift. I’m going to create new courses every month. I have always been a planner, and I think that I go too deep into planning and creating the most detailed and extensive courses possible. It’s a bit taxing for me, and somewhat overwhelming.

As much as people say they want super extensive courses, my video stats tell a different story. With the Kimura Trap System being over 11 hours long, most people only dig into a couple hours worth. I get it, its overwhelming for students as well. Plus, they might just want to focus on what part of the system, and not see the rest.

So I’m changing my approach to have a shorter scope with my new courses. These courses are going to be much shorter and laser focused, somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes long. This makes it much easier for me to produce, and much easier for you to tune in and learn from it.

Courses will track lesson completions and have a discussion forum, allowing you to interact with other students learning the same material. The best part, is that you aren’t going to get nickel and dimed every time I make a new course, because:

I’m going to offer all my courses to members of my site!

I feel moving forward this will be the best value for everyone, and really help foster a community. Speaking of which, the new site will also have forums, so you can chat with me and others on the site, make video requests, or share your thoughts there.

If you read this far, chances are you want in. Great! All you have to do is join the waitlist below:


Yes, the site is going to be launched soon. Initially, I plan to limit the site to 50 people, and slowly admit new members in the order they register.

You also might be wondering, “How much is this going to cost?”

There are going to be two memberships: Subscriber and Member. Subscribers get access to all the blog content and the forums, but not the courses. Members get access to the blog, forums, and courses. The Subscriber plan is $5 a month ($48 annually), and the Member plan is $15 a month (or $120 annually). If you are not enrolled in the above two, you will only get access to the podcasts and a few select items, serving as a preview to the rest of the site.

For everyone joining the waitlist, the whole site will be opened up for the first couple of weeks (blog and courses), so you can get an extensive preview.

I am excited for this launch, and I hope you will join me on DavidMMA.com. 

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To become the best, we must continuously test ourselves. We measure our performance, evaluate our faults, accept criticism and then work on improving ourselves before starting all over again.

I live by this principle, and I need your help! I wish to be the best instructor I can be, but I need feedback from you to know if I am doing a good job. Let me know if you liked or disliked what you saw in the video by entering a comment below. If you liked it, share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons at the top of the page.

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