March 7, 2019

Too often people when going for a submission get so focused on facing it that they forget all other options. This happens to me as well and I have some matches that I wish I could have changed gears.

A lot of that has to do with training and preparation, and @animalblackbelt shows an alternative solution that a common submission battle from the mounted on bar. This choke from the arm bar position for sure will catch people off guard.

Check it out below:


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To become the best, we must continuously test ourselves. We measure our performance, evaluate our faults, accept criticism and then work on improving ourselves before starting all over again.

I live by this principle, and I need your help! I wish to be the best instructor I can be, but I need feedback from you to know if I am doing a good job. Let me know if you liked or disliked what you saw in the video by entering a comment below. If you liked it, share it with your friends by clicking the share buttons at the top of the page.

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  • Alan Mussmannn says:

    That was sweet! Thank You!!!

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