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Hip Bump to Sprawl to Neck Wrench


While playing guard gives you a lot of options, sometimes you need to get on top. A good top player can shut down a lot of your offense, especially in MMA. So I have made some tweaks to my hip bump sweep to allow me to go into a sprawl.

But some people will scramble and look for your back as you do. So that’s when I pull out the big guns with the neck wrench. This is a nasty wrestling throw that will nearly twist his neck off as you score a big throw. Just make sure you start off slow when practicing this, as you don’t want to accidentally break someone’s neck, lol! All jokes aside, you can do this safely. Take a look:

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G says December 6, 2018

Hell yeah

Robert Haskell says December 9, 2018

Prove it

    David Avellan says December 10, 2018

    Prove what?

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