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Half Guard Squeeze Pass Counter


Getting a big squeeze from half guard can ruin your day.

Whenever you lose that under hook battle and get cross faced, that squeeze can be brutal. It also is very difficult to escape that squeeze, and can leave you helpless as your chin gets turned and cranked.

And that is just the start! With enough time, they will pass your guard and can keep that pressure to setup an arm lock or arm triangle. So it is bad news all around.

But what are you supposed to do?

Don’t fight for the under hook on the side they have it on – you already lost that battle. Instead, get the inside position on the opposite side! The battle is much easier as they aren’t even concerned about that side, so you can recover your guard and even stand up with ease. Just check out the video:

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Daniel says April 25, 2019

Nice escape from half guard

Mario Chosco says April 28, 2019

I really like your videos

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