Details to get the Perfect Knee Bar

There are a lot of little details with the Knee Bar that many people miss out on. Each of these details makes a HUGE difference on the outcome, and to be a leg lock master you need to know each one of them.

The Knee Bar is very similar to the Arm Bar. In fact, they are almost identical in the mechanics of how they are used. In this video, I cover each key point starting from the top half guard.

Here is a list of the key points:

  1. Sit your hips on top of theirs
  2. Use your feet to create pressure on their butt (either crossing or figure four)
  3. Pinch your knees together
  4. Block his big toe (either with your head, figure four grip, or both)
  5. Drive your hips

Let me know your thoughts on this video and pass it along to a friend. 🙂

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