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Back to Basics – Finer Points of the Arm Bar

We all have things that we thought we knew everything about for many years, only to find that we were missing some key piece of the technique.

Perhaps today will be that day for you 🙂

I will be breaking down the finer points of the arm bar that are very often overlooked – I know I did! Only through many years of diligent study was I able to uncover these details of the arm bar, so hopefully I save you time and effort.


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Jay Huie says April 14, 2012

Hey bin trying to view this but it won’t load 🙁

    David Avellan says April 14, 2012

    Hey Jay.

    So sorry. The link was broken after I moved my videos to a new server I forgot to change it. Woop!

    Should be working now!

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