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My Take Down Highlight Reel


I put together a highlight video of takedowns I’ve scored throughout my 15 years of competing.

Some of the more notable take downs here are against BJJ legend Saulo Ribeiro, ADCC champion Jeff Monson, Roy “Big Country” Nelson, and ADCC Absolute Champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu.

As you can see, I have fought in my share of absolute divisions, and I have almost always been the smaller guy. That doesn’t stop me from scoring take downs.

If you notice my take downs of choice are head single legs – a balance take down, and a sweeping double leg – a misdirection that causes the opponent to sprawl and break their balance.

Bigger men are more susceptible to losing balance, and whenever you attack balance it doesn’t require much power. Avoiding take downs that require more strength and attacking the hips will help you avoid getting crushed.

Music by https://www.bensound.com

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ron says February 14, 2019

I see you sprawl the takedown attemt and then quickly counter with kind of underhook drive and turn. what is it?

    David Avellan says February 16, 2019

    Which clip? I think the one you are talking about is on the green and yellow mats. I actually just saw the imbalance by pushing him and running him down. Not the most finesse take down, but a good hustle will win the battle. 🙂

Ron says February 14, 2019

I forgot to say,great takedowns David. Always ending out on top.

Big Al says February 14, 2019

Did I miss something it looked to me like most of those guys tripped over their own feet. 😂

Saied says February 14, 2019

Very good

dereez says February 15, 2019

wow you are a legend david!

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