Rolling Knee Bar From Getting Crushed

In my last video, I showed you how to prevent yourself from getting cross faced and crushed from the bottom when going for the knee bar.

Now the worse case scenario happens – your opponent bends his knee and is just about to cross face you.

I’m going to show you what my friend Bendy Casimir showed me on my undefeated black belt Jason “The Specimen” Soares. You will actually go fetal and curl up like a ball – only to turtle and roll through to once again recover the knee bar. This complements the previous swimming technique and works as a fallback if you didn’t swim in time.

Go ahead and take a look then give it a roll. 🙂

Jason will be competing in EBI 13 on October 22nd. If you are interested in sponsoring him send me an email at David@DavidAvellan.com.

I also will be in Los Angeles to coach him starting October 22nd. If you are a school owner and are interested in hosting a seminar with me, also send me an email.

  • Spacecasebjj says:

    Going to give this a shot at next class

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