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Over Under Pass to Knee Bar with Marcelo Nunes

I got to jump into a class with Robert Drysdale Black Belt Marcelo Nunes and I knew I had to share some of his tricks with you. The guy generates more pressure from top than just about anyone I have trained with. That is saying a lot!

In this class, he went over an Over Under Pass series. In this clip, he goes over a sneaky knee bar from the Over Under Pass setup.

One of the things he does very well is apply excruciating amounts of pressure, so pay close to attention to how he drives from his toes and applies his body weight. It makes a world of difference!

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Kristopher Buranasombati says March 27, 2018

Love this NoGi version, Bernardo teaches something similar for the Gi but I like how the video acknowledges other details I’m missing.

    David Avellan says April 8, 2018

    Happy to be of service 🙂

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