A Triangle Choke for people that suck at Triangles – the Over Hook Triangle Pin

There are three types of closed guards I will play: Double Under Hooks, Reverse Kimura or Russian 2-on-1, and the Over Hook Guard.

I like the Over Hook, because it removes your opponent’s capability to effectively strike, gives you solid striking options, opens up a bunch of submissions, and it is very easy to setup.

One of the obvious attacks from here is the Triangle Choke. What is not as obvious is that you can pin them with your triangle and put them in double trouble. Even if you aren’t a good triangle guy (looking at myself), you can make this work easily for you.

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What did you think?

  • Awesome controlling position!
    But what kind of feet drill is the girl doing behind? Also looks awesome!

  • Hey David can you get the kimura if you are being mounted or side mounted.if so can you show us.thanks love your videos

  • Wouldn’t you get stacked first? In MMA, the guy on top is usually standing in the guard… Wouldn’t he push down on you?

    • They can always try to stack in any triangle. The key to keeping people down is it keep their weight forward.you can accomplish this by focusing on keeping their head down, and also do a reverse army crawl away from them

  • Mike Clark says:

    This set up to the triangle/ armbar combo is my professor’s go to move. What’s a good defense or escape?

    • Prevention is first in mind, which is never letting yourself get wrapped up in an over hook to begin with. Staying with a tall posture and head looking up with hands on their hips, back flared like a cobra (hips back and core engaged) to keep you out of danger.

      If you do get stuck in it, get out quickly. You have to roll out your over hooked arm by releasing the under hook and bringing that trapped arm towards your hips palm up followed by a quick yank and posture up. This is not without danger, as this sets up an omoplata for them and possible rubber guard. So you want to be quick.

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