May 28, 2012

After my first webinar on the Guillotine Choke, I had the live audience vote on the topic of my next webinar. Sweeps was chosen, so I will be showing you a great sweep series that will complement your BJJ and MMA game.

I will be using the same format as before. I will first introduce a technique, demonstrate it, break it down and then open the floor for questions. If you are watching LIVE, your questions will get answered 🙂

My LIVE audience will also get a few bonus techniques that I will NOT rebroadcast – so make sure you are there this Saturday at 2:30pm EST.

If you haven’t enrolled into my email list yet, fill out the form to the right to get access to the webinar. If you already are you are good to go.

On Friday and Saturday, I will be sending out links and instructions to my email list to access the live webinar broadcast. Thanks and see you soon!

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan

P.S. > If you have friends you want to share the webinar with, send them to this page to register:


  • Richard Sheppard says:

    Sounds like a good topic, can’t wait

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