October 13, 2020

#TrueTalkTuesdays 104

The best way of defending leg locks is not to get into them in the first place.


It’s obvious, but there are countless questions asked about how to escape bad positions, rather than asking how to avoid bad positions.

I think of my friend Robert Drysdale when I say this, as he repeatedly hammers this point in whenever going over bad positions.

You don’t need to know 100 ways of escaping a rear naked choke if you never allow people to get your back. The same can be said for any bad position.

That isn’t too say that working escapes is useless.

Of course not! You should definitely know how to escape every bad position. However, the emphasis in your training should be about preventing yourself from getting into bad positions in the first place.

I think of this like the Karate mindset of point fighting. In point fighting, you aren’t going toe-to-toe with your opponent and exchanging punches. Rather, you are taking your time to setup your attack, so you can engage, strike, and back away without getting touched.

Sure, a lot of people like to make fun of karate now, but the logic is sound. I’m all about dishing out damage without getting touched. It’s not very realistic in MMA, but that should be everyone’s goal.

So if you are getting caught with the same technique over and over again, the question you should be asking yourself is how you are getting yourself into a position where you will be caught, rather than the technique that is used to finish.

While it’s important to defend techniques, if you are never in the position to be attacked, you are much better off.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

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