August 26, 2020

Long story short, when Covid-19 hit in March, I was sidelined from heavy weights for about 3 months. I was doing body weight and resistance band workouts as hard as I could.

In that time, I lost 7lbs of lean mass, and my bone density dropped by over 2% when tested in May.

Since then, gyms opened back up and I got back to pumping iron. I have been using the same diet from Jim Stoppani the whole time.

As of now, I’m am 11.9% body fat, about a 3% drop. More important, I gained over 7lbs lean mass while dropping another 4.5lbs of bodyfat, while gaining about 3% in bone density.

It just goes to show that you need to put high levels of stress to create positive changes. I put an * on the title, as if you are doing nothing and have a low fitness level, a band workout will definitely help you.

But if you are already fit, or have exhausted the limits of that tool, it won’t do you any good for strength (perhaps cardio). No workout should be easy. If it is, then you aren’t challenging yourself enough and need to pick up the effort.

That doesn’t mean grinding yourself to the ground either. I am 3 weeks in the Juggernaut Training BJJ AI workouts from Chad Wesley Smith and have been feeling awesome. The workouts are challenging, but not breaking me down. I have been getting in more cardio work, and feel fresher after workouts.

My metabolism has skyrocketed since starting it, and I upped my daily calories another 300-500 daily because I would wake up earlier than normal ravenous. A good problem to have. ?

Finding the right balance is key. It’s not something anyone can tell you with precision. It requires listening to yourself and obeying the cues your body gives you. Can be tricky at first, but once you dial it in unlocks a lot of doors. ?

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