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Stuck trying to finish an arm bar?


Some more sneaky footwork that can score a surprising finish. 🙂

So I know I made a return last week, but I had to miss this week unfortunately. But, I got a nice little trick from my brother Marcos Avellan.

The mounted arm bar is a very strong position, but a lot of people struggle when they are trying to break the grip. Even world champions like Fabricio Werdum can get distracted going for the arm bar when there are a ton of other options to attack from there.

Some people here gogoplata and shut their mind off because they think they need to be flexible to do it. But this particular setup requires very little flexibility. Check it out:

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Bill Bonilla says April 4, 2019

Even I can do this!

Alan Mussmann says April 4, 2019

Can’t wait to try it!!! Thank You!!!

David says April 4, 2019

Excellent! I needed that!

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