May 24, 2012

…Most About.

This can be good or bad, but more often than not it is limiting.

Most people don’t invest in themselves – and I’m NOT talking about financially. I’m talking about putting some time aside everyday and talking to yourself.

Not aloud in public – that would be kind of weird, LOL 🙂

It has been said that your mind is no different than a fertile field.

You can chose to plant seeds of happiness and success, or those of failure and despair.

These “seeds” are your thoughts. Whatever thoughts that occupy your mind the most will “plant” themselves in your mind and manifest into your reality.

To make sure you keep your “garden” fruitful, a simple technique is to repeat affirmations to yourself on a daily basis. I have journals upon journals of my positive affirmations that I use to enrich my mind.

Just like planting a seed, you want to plant more than one to make sure that one sticks. I like to write my affirmations down at least 20 times each. I repeat the same statement over and over, both written and aloud and invest my emotions into it.

Once again the analogy of the garden holds true. Just tossing a seed on the ground carelessly will not yield any crops. You must dig a hole, place fertilizer, and water the young seed. Only with proper care will the seed grow into a plant. Likewise, when you write your affirmations it should touch your heart, make you feel passion, faith and desire to achieve.

Only when all of this is done time and time again, will your affirmations create change that allow you succeed in your endeavor – much like how a plant may take years before it matures and bears fruit. Patience and persistence is required in this pursuit, but in the end, no fruit will taste sweeter than the one you cared for 🙂

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