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Sometimes the best choke is a sloppy one


Sometimes a mess is just what you need to get a clean finish.

My black belt and 12-0 undefeated TitanFC Champion Jason “the Specimen” Soares showed this technique to me when we filmed his course, the Back Attack Series.

I love it! It is clever, because it is such a misdirect that your opponent doesn’t suspect he is falling into a trap. The best part, his basic defense actually feeds a very clean choke! Check it out:

If you like this technique, then you will LOVE the full course!

It is jam packed with all sorts of back attacks, with a strong emphasis on the rear naked choke. If you think you know, you don’t. LOL! We have a ton of variations and counters to common and uncommon defenses.

Just visit the page below to learn all about it:

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Raymond says March 21, 2019

this is a sneaky one! awesome 🙂

Ulysses T. Sayson says March 27, 2019

Tnx for sharing this attack

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