December 17, 2019

#TrueTalkTuesdays 65

One of the most beloved people of all time by children is Santa Claus, but he really should be a role model to us all.

Think about it: this man works all year long to make gifts in the frozen north pole, only to have to travel all around the world in one single day (with time zones, probably longer) to drop off all these gifts, which he had to go through an impossibly large list to find out who and what to give and whether they have been naught or nice…

To people he has never even met before.

If that isn’t selfless, I don’t know what it.

Looking past the ethics of having an elf labor force working in tough conditions, Santa is a remarkable fellow if we take the story at face value.

We would have to assume that his motive for committing to such an enormous endeavor was for the feeling of satisfaction he gets when the right present gets delivered at the right time.

If you have ever made something for someone else (and I hope you have!) you know the feeling you get when that person receives that gift and is happy with it. It is much more significant than just giving a gift card.

I’m not knocking you if you have done this (I know I have), but the reward for something you have built versus something that you bought at the checkout line in your grocery store is not the same.

Sure some people gift to get a gift in return, a favor, or to get on someone’s good side for a benefit later down the road.

But when you give someone a heart felt gift, it goes beyond the second hand benefits of giving a gift. There is a warm, cozy feeling that tingles your heart that is very rewarding.

What is that feeling?

In my opinion, it is the feeling of rewarding yourself.

I believe we are all connected at some level and as a result, one entity. So helping your fellow man is really just helping yourself. The closer that person is to you (family, friends), the stronger that feeling will be naturally.

But even when you give to someone you have never met, and perhaps may never meet again, there is still that connection.

The greater the sacrifice in the gift, the greater the reward. Look how much Santa has to give of himself to make Christmas. If you put that type of time and effort into a gift, you know the feeling of goodness in giving it will be immense.

In this way, we too can go beyond just giving lazy gifts and really pick out something that will knock that person’s socks off.

The first objection is that a great gift is expensive. It can be, but not necessarily in money. Some of the best gifts are cheap or even free, but take time. Going through the effort to make a photo album and designing it is cheap monetarily, and can mean the world to someone. Or if you are artistic, creating a piece of art for someone that you know will be appreciated would be a great gift too.

Of course, we all are busy and it is not easy to dedicate time to craft amazing gifts for everyone. I’m not saying to grow a bushy beard and wear a red jumpsuit – that is a task only Santa can handle.

But every so often, pick a person to dazzle with a sensational gift. Do research, find out what the perfect gift is, and get it made and make a dream come true for someone. Life is short, and if you can’t find the time to bring happiness into someone’s world, what does that say about you?

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What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Comment with your take on this. And if you like this article, please do me a solid and share it with your friends. Thanks!

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