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ADCC 2009: Avellan vs Saksenvik

This match was the beginning of a mindset shift for me that changed how I approached every match afterwards.

In previous ADCC tournaments, I was more focused on getting points to win. I took few risks, and had a take down / guard passing centered game plan. After 7 matches that lasted 100 minutes, I realized I needed to change my strategy if I was going to have a chance at medaling. I needed to focus on finishing people quick.

My match with Trond Saksenvik was the first match in ADCC where I was focusing on putting my opponent away early. In this match review, I break down the guard pass and submission attacks that made this match interesting to break down.

If you enjoyed the guard passing and want to work on your passing game, then check out Guard Passing Made Easy:

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Ulysses Sayson says December 27, 2018

Perfect leglock

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