December 31, 2019

#TrueTalkTuesdays 67

While a part of setting new year’s resolutions feels cheesy and being a follower of trends, I’m all about setting goals – regardless of the time of year.

So I just see New Year’s as a reminder to check out my goal list and follow through. I will share 10 of my goals here:

  1. Maintain my weight below 200lbs and continue leaning out towards 10% body fat
  2. Squat 405lbs, Deadlift 475lbs, Bench 345lbs, Curl 135lbs, Shoulder Press 215lbs
  3. Run a mile under 7 minutes, 2 miles under 15 minutes
  4. Train martial arts 3 times a week
  5. Film 3 new instructional courses
  6. Travel to 3 different countries
  7. Learn to Smoke BBQ: Brisket, Lamb Shoulder, Carnitas
  8. Create my own Biltong Beef Jerky
  9. Finish remodeling home: Master Bedroom, Dining Room, Library, Breakfast Nook, Kitchen, Living Room, Garage, Backyard
  10. Host 4 MMA retreats

These are simple, straight forward goals. They have definite end results that are easily understood. None of them require a lot of moving parts – in fact, they all rely solely on me executing the steps – so that makes it much easier to get done.

The top 3 are in progress already, so I just have to keep on doing what I’m doing and I’ll get there.

For 4-6, I will start in the New Year to make that happen. I have a vacation setup in January to a new country, so that takes care of one travel goal. I have several instructional courses mapped out already, I just have to get them filmed.

If you have seen my social media, then you already know I have been smoking meats regularly now since my brother got my a smoker for Christmas. I already have recipes for Lamb Shoulder and Carnitas, and have made them many times without a smoker, so smoking them will be just a small adjustment to add some of that amazing smoke flavor. Brisket will be a new thing though, and from what I have learned so far, is quite a process.

Biltong will be interesting as well. I have been eating it daily now for close to a year, as it’s a great source of protein with no carbs and very low fat. But at this point, I think it’s time I learned how to make it myself and see if I can do it better.

Remodeling is in process as well, but we have a ways to go still (why I postponed the Vegas Retreat). Once we are done though, I will reschedule the Vegas MMA retreats and that should be a lot of fun too.

So there it is. I will comeback to this 6 months from now and give feedback on how I’m doing with these goals.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Comment with your take on this. And if you like this article, please do me a solid and share it with your friends. Thanks!

  • My first goal was to get out of bed before 11:00 this morning. I have now checked it off??. I have a few similar goals. 3 days mma. Lose 35 pounds by Thailand. Take golf lessons. The key I believe is to not overwhelm yourself with fantasy goals keep them realistic

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