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Kimura Trap System

North South Back Take


North South is a great position in a fight, as your most powerful limbs are right next to your opponent’s most vulnerable body part – their head. Unfortunately, rules have handicapped this position (no knees or kicks to a downed opponent), and have changed the way MMA is approached.

BUT, there are a lot of submission opportunities here that people miss out on!

In recent times the North South Choke has become very popular, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Arm bars, Kimuras (of course), and Americanas are easy options here. One option that most people do not even realize they have here is a sneaky back take. This is a great choice when your opponent is very defensive and just trying to survive. With this technique, you will quickly snatch their back and have a choke waiting for you too. Check it out:

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Chris Kamits says February 6, 2019

I find myself in north south a lot. It’s smooth and no one expects it

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