Knee Cut Pass Deconstructed with Kit Dale

I have had the pleasure of working with the hilarious Kit Dale. Besides his great sense of humor, he is an excellent grappler with a unique approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and learning in general.

In training with him, he brought out some things to conscious awareness that I was doing subconsciously. One of the main concepts I picked up with him was regarding guard passing and the priority of control needed to pass guard.

I wanted to highlight that in this video, by covering an old favorite of mine, the Knee Cut Pass. I have used this pass countless times now, but I’m happy that I developed an even better understanding of the technique after training with Kit. Go ahead and check out the video, and if you have a 4k TV or monitor, enjoy the new super high quality video! All my videos will now be shot in 4k and take advantage of the amazing picture quality. 🙂

Learn more concept based Jiu Jitsu with Kit Dale – http://KitDaleTraining.com

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