January 25, 2022

This will be my third camp in Costa Rica, and I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy the camp experience a lot. With the camps, I get time to know everyone, break bread, and have fun doing awesome activities. I think the campers enjoy it too, seeing as I have a bunch of folks who are repeat campers.

If you have been itching for a reason to travel, this is a great way to do it. You will learn a lot, meet a bunch of cool people, and have fun in beautiful Costa Rica. They have very little restrictions as far is the C-word is concerned, so it is travel friendly.

To top it off, we will be hosted once again by the awesome Hero Academy. Hero Academy is a one of kind BJJ charity program, that offers free BJJ training to the local kids of Tamarindo. So your admission goes directly towards funding Hero Academy. So if you needed another reason to go, add supporting an honorable cause to the list. 🙂

Visit the website to learn about the camp, the schedule, pricing, and more:

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