April 18, 2012

All over the world people have called in sick to avoid a commitment, whether it is going to school, showing up to work, or meeting a friend.

Is this person actually sick? They think they are not, but they are – they are infected with a terrible affliction known as excusitis.

Making excuses is unhealthy for you. First, you damage your relationships by being undependable. You also allow yourself permission to use excuses on everybody – including yourself.

  • I am too tired to go to the gym.
  • I am too busy to start this project.
  • I am too old to learn something new…

These type of excuses can destroy your productivity. Avoid this pitfall by not using excuses.

The way you treat other people is very indicative of how you treat yourself. Be real with others and you will be real with yourself.

  • fasteddie says:

    Man David, I love all the good advice!!!

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