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A Cheap Choke From Bottom Half Guard

When you catch someone with this choke, they will be upset wonder what sort of black magic you used to finish them, lol!

It is a really quick choke that you can easily set up from your half guard frame. It can also be turned into a baseball choke for a stronger finish if needed.

Sometimes I just use this to create space against someone who is trying to crush me, as to avoid this choke they have to move away from you. It is a nice little “cheap” trick to have in your arsenal that will definitely catch people off guard. Check it out:

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Alvaro Trejo says March 13, 2018

Nice choke thanks David & that was a comment funny black magic

William Weber says March 13, 2018

Your a natural born teacher Master David that is why your students are so good and confindent in there moves !!!

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