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Technique from UFC 201 – Hip Strike

In UFC 201, Freddy Serrano used an unusual technique in the second round of this fight against Ryan Benoit. Joe Rogan thought it was an illegal move, but the referee clarified that it was on camera. The Hip Smash or Hip Strike is a legit technique, and is something that I had been preaching to […]

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2 Mistakes Most People Make With The Kimura

I posted this video a while back for Kimura Trap System buyers, but it is too valuable not to share with everyone. If you enjoy that video, make sure to read the full blog post here: http://kimuratrap.com/kimura-grip/

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How to be a Poser

In combat, it is always a good idea to be a “poser.” Why? You never want your opponent to really know what you are up to. As it was written in the Art of War, war uses deception as a principal tactic. When your enemy knows what your strategy is, it is to prepare for […]

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What Does It Take To Be A GOAT?

By GOAT, I do not mean the animal. 🙂 I am talking about the Greatest Of All Time. Champions like Anderson Silva and GSP are called the Greatest not because they are the strongest, fastest, or best technicians in MMA. All great athletes have similar physical makeups. That doesn’t make them champions. If you had […]

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*REPLAY* Watch the Kimura Trap Webinar From Black Friday!

On November 23rd, 2012, I had a webinar that covered many techniques from my Kimura Trap System. It was a great event and I had a ton of participation from the audience. I also gave out prizes for answering questions and did a Q&A session to help remove any mystery from the Kimura Trap. Although […]

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Change up your Heavy Bag Routine

Heavy Bags are a great tool to develop striking power and building sport specific stamina. But like all tools, proper use will enhance the benefits – and many do not know the techniques you can implement to create an effective heavy bag workout. Here is a brief overview of different techniques I use regularly. When […]

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Video Review – High Mount Escapes

Hello everybody! I know I have been posting much later than usual, but my trip to Las Vegas made it difficult to post earlier – but not impossible 🙂 So for the first video review, I had a very good question about escaping from the high mount. This is a simple lesson that everyone can […]

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The Y-Choke

Back in 2001, I knew from little about the half guard. It was more of a transitional position for me that I got stuck in when someone was trying to pass guard. I just knew that I had to get back to full guard or scramble up to my feet. That all changed after I […]

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Back to Basics – Finer Points of the Arm Bar

We all have things that we thought we knew everything about for many years, only to find that we were missing some key piece of the technique. Perhaps today will be that day for you 🙂 I will be breaking down the finer points of the arm bar that are very often overlooked – I […]

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3%er Details on the Double Leg

In my last email I talked about how by just having a 3% performance edge over your competition can yield results over ten times greater. In today’s video, I’m going to revisit the double leg in much more detail – Sherlock Holmes style 🙂 See what you can pick up on this video that you […]

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