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Hook Switch to Guide Through Pass

When playing against a butterfly guard, switching their hooks will give you an upper hand. But even when you do, some people will try to kick you out to make space and recover. That is when the Guide Through Pass shines – it takes advantage of their kicking momentum to score a finesse guard pass […]

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Hip Bump to Sprawl to Neck Wrench

While playing guard gives you a lot of options, sometimes you need to get on top. A good top player can shut down a lot of your offense, especially in MMA. So I have made some tweaks to my hip bump sweep to allow me to go into a sprawl. But some people will scramble […]

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Basic White Belt Move + Wacky Submission = ?

The Hip Bump Sweep is something every white belt should learn within the first few training sessions. It is simple, effective, and has a TON of possibilities for chaining with other techniques. One of the more unorthodox chains I know is to go from the Hip Bump to the Reverse Kimura. Not only is this a funky grip that most people […]

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Reshooting Drill

The biggest problem beginning wrestlers have is chaining techniques together. They expect that they will always score the take down with the first attempt. If they fail, then just abandon all hope. Wrestling is like life – you have to keep pushing forward regardless of the obstacles present. In this case, learning how to “reshoot” […]

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Hip Post Kimura Counter

If you are a Kimura fiend, this move is for you. If you need to be able to attack with the Kimura from all angles, this is just a cool way of attacking that your opponent would never suspect. This particular setup starts from side control, when your opponent posts on your hip to make […]

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Circle Pass

A lot of people like working a seated guard, especially with the rise of the leg lock game and submission only tournaments. I enjoy working against it, because it makes setting up a lot of submissions and passes much easier for me. The Circle Pass is just a simple way of circling around the seated […]

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Russian Arm Drag to Eagle Claw Pass

My friend Kit Dale has been showing a lot of techniques using a variety of Russian 2 on 1 grips, so I figured I would show a simple one you could use from your feet and tie it into a guard pass. This Russian Arm Drag is similar to your conventional arm drag, but in reverse […]

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You have the back from standing, but can’t bring them down?

A person with a good base can be hard to bring down to the mat, even when you have their back. I have seen plenty of people just let go after a while in frustration – which happens a lot against me because my Kimura counter. 🙂 But this simple Lateral Foot Sweep can get them to […]

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Over Hook Mounted Triangle Choke

Last time we used the over hook from our guard to setup a triangle, but did you know you could use the over hook from the mount to setup a triangle as well? The over hook creates a very strong mount, as your opponent will be pulled sideways with their shoulder trapped – giving you […]

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A Triangle Choke for people that suck at Triangles – the Over Hook Triangle Pin

There are three types of closed guards I will play: Double Under Hooks, Reverse Kimura or Russian 2-on-1, and the Over Hook Guard. I like the Over Hook, because it removes your opponent’s capability to effectively strike, gives you solid striking options, opens up a bunch of submissions, and it is very easy to setup. […]

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