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I would love for you to check this out…

I shared my Kimura Fundamentals course last week, but just in case you didn’t get it yet (it’s free), here is another sneak peak into the course. It contains 48 minutes of instruction, covering what I consider the CORE CONCEPTS behind having a successful Kimura. I show 4 techniques that if mastered, will translate to all Kimuras […]

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I have a new Kimura course and I’m giving it to you for free

Pretty sweet deal huh? So I have been seeing a lot more Kimura courses being made recently, but unfortunately many of the preview videos I see are littered with mistakes. I don’t want the next generation learning the Kimura wrong, especially on the first time around. So I made the Kimura Fundamentals Course so everyone can learn the […]

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Stuck trying to finish an arm bar?

Some more sneaky footwork that can score a surprising finish. šŸ™‚ So I know I made a return last week, but I had to miss this week unfortunately. But, I got a nice little trick from my brother Marcos Avellan. The mounted arm bar is a very strong position, but a lot of people struggle […]

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Masvidal vs Till Finishing Combo Video Break Down

I’m back! After a 4 month hiatus, I’m ready to get back on camera. šŸ™‚ While my knee is still not 100% yet, I get show you that I can do some fancy footwork (or at least try) to emulate the Jorge Masvidal knock out sequence versus Darren Till. I did a small write up […]

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Sometimes the best choke is a sloppy one

Sometimes a mess is just what you need to get a clean finish. My black belt and 12-0 undefeated TitanFC Champion Jason “the Specimen” Soares showed this technique to me when we filmed his course, the Back Attack Series. I love it! It is clever, because it is such a misdirect that your opponent doesn’t suspect he is […]

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Does your Kimura suck?

I see people make these mistakes all the time. Even black belts! People tend to look at the BIG details and miss out on the little ones – and those fine points really make all the difference. The two tips I review here are the motorcycle grip and shoulder domination. Check it out below: If […]

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Hook Switch to Guide Through Pass

When playing against a butterfly guard, switching their hooks will give you an upper hand. But even when you do, some people will try to kick you out to make space and recover. That is when the Guide Through Pass shines – it takes advantage of their kicking momentum to score a finesse guard pass […]

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Hip Bump to Sprawl to Neck Wrench

While playing guard gives you a lot of options, sometimes you need to get on top. A good top player can shut down a lot of your offense, especially in MMA. So I have made some tweaks to my hip bump sweep to allow me to go into a sprawl. But some people will scramble […]

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Basic White Belt Move + Wacky Submission = ?

TheĀ Hip Bump SweepĀ is something every white belt should learn within the first few training sessions.Ā It is simple, effective, and has a TON of possibilities for chaining with other techniques. One of the more unorthodox chains I know is to go from theĀ Hip BumpĀ to theĀ Reverse Kimura. Not only is this a funky grip that most people […]

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Reshooting Drill

The biggest problem beginning wrestlers have is chaining techniques together. They expect that they will always score the take down with the first attempt. If they fail, then just abandon all hope. Wrestling is like life – you have to keep pushing forward regardless of the obstacles present. In this case, learning how to “reshoot” […]

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