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The Rocking Chair Sweep

Under hooks are one of the most important clinches you can secure in grappling. For wrestling, they give you a plethora of take downs and counters. In BJJ, most of your passes will be secured by an under hook. As the bottom person, you can hit some really nice sweeps with under hooks – especially if […]

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EBI Finalist Rafael Domingos shows a sweep and pass combo

I had the pleasure to train in a class with EBI Finalist Rafael Domingos at Drysdale Jiu Jitsu on 3/14/2018. One of the things I enjoy about training with him is that he uses unorthodox techniques and is very smooth in his execution. In this class, he was teaching a position he called a single […]

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Over Under Pass to Knee Bar with Marcelo Nunes

I got to jump into a class with Robert Drysdale Black Belt Marcelo Nunes and I knew I had to share some of his tricks with you. The guy generates more pressure from top than just about anyone I have trained with. That is saying a lot! In this class, he went over an Over Under Pass series. In this clip, […]

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Ninja Choke from Bottom Half Guard

Continuing from the Cheap Choke setup, we could also work into a Ninja Choke, which is like a reverse rear naked choke. The half guard frame is once again a good way of setting this up, and once locked in it is lights out. It is nice because a lot of people are not used […]

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A Cheap Choke From Bottom Half Guard

When you catch someone with this choke, they will be upset wonder what sort of black magic you used to finish them, lol! It is a really quick choke that you can easily set up from your half guard frame. It can also be turned into a baseball choke for a stronger finish if needed. […]

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SPY CAM – Half Guard Pinning Series Volume 2

Continuing from my previous video, I go over a couple more pins from top half guard that every MMA fighter should be familiar with. The Under Hook and Over Hook Pin. These are two important pins that are very easy to do, but more importantly are very effective. One thing to keep in mind with […]

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SPY CAM – Butterfly Guard Iowa Sweep

We have been doing a bunch of Spy Cams here in Las Vegas, but what about my hometown in Miami? I got you fam. 🙂 My brother Marcos Avellan got some spy cam footage of his own here covering a really cool blend of Wrestling, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. It is a combination of the wrestling […]

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SPY CAM – Half Guard Pinning Series Volume 1

I came to train in a Cage Wrestling Class at Drysdale Jiu Jitsu on 2/19/18, but instead got surprised to teach by coach Anselmo Gutierrez! So my plan to spy on his class failed, and instead I spied on myself. 🙂 Fortunately, I had something in mind to teach already that I had worked with […]

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UFC Fight Pass Leg Kick Break Technique

All leg kicks are NOT thrown equally.  I had recently shared a video of one of my fighters, Edir “Belico” Terry, snapping his opponent’s leg with a vicious leg kick. This wasn’t an ordinary leg kick. I was something my brother Marcos and John Mangual had worked on with Edir for this fight. Some people call this a low leg […]

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Omoplata Spreading

Clark Gracie is probably the most infamous Omoplata technician on the planet, and for good reason. He has some very slick variations and finishing tricks that have amazed everyone. But I have some tricks up my sleeve too! After all, the Omoplata is just a Kimura with the legs. 🙂 One of the big problems […]

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