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A Triangle Choke for people that suck at Triangles – the Over Hook Triangle Pin

There are three types of closed guards I will play: Double Under Hooks, Reverse Kimura or Russian 2-on-1, and the Over Hook Guard. I like the Over Hook, because it removes your opponent’s capability to effectively strike, gives you solid striking options, opens up a bunch of submissions, and it is very easy to setup. […]

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North South Back Take

North South is a great position in a fight, as your most powerful limbs are right next to your opponent’s most vulnerable body part – their head. Unfortunately, rules have handicapped this position (no knees or kicks to a downed opponent), and have changed the way MMA is approached. BUT, there are a lot of […]

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The Under Hook Pin

This is one of my favorite ways of pinning someone from top half guard! It is easy, and comes right off your passing game. When done right, it can also lead into a guard pass and an even stronger pin – the Crucifix. This is just one of the pins that we cover from my […]

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Smash the Z-Guard and Pass

Often times when you go to Knee Cut, your opponent will put up the China Wall or Shin Shield to block you. Other times, you are just fighting against a Z-Guard that can be really frustrating to work against. My solution – the Sprawl Pass. The goal here is to detach and pin his shield […]

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The Weirdest Way to Open Guard – The Rolling Cartwheel

This is probably the weirdest way to open guard that I know of. You might watch this and think, “That will never work!” But it does. I have done this in competition against a BJJ Black Belt to open his guard en route to a heel hook victory. It is one of those moves I […]

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The Reaper Pass

Butterfly guard can be tricky to work against, so it pays off to be trickier. 🙂 I came up with this pass LONG time ago. I don’t know the exact moment at time, but I just know at some point I started doing this and teaching it. I have never seen anyone else do this, […]

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The Kimura Pass from Half Guard

I am very well known for my Kimura game, so it should not surprise you that I have a Kimura Pass from half guard. 🙂 This is one of my go to passing sequences. I can setup this Kimura Pass on just about any one – especially if they are trying to be aggressive bottom […]

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Chop that stiff arm from blocking your Stack Pass

The stack pass series is a powerful way of passing with pressure. It doesn’t require speed – just solid technique and massive amounts of pressure to melt your opponent. When stacking (either double or single), a common defense is to post their arm on your hip. This makes it difficult go generate the amount of […]

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Lost the Half Guard Under Hook Battle from Top? Good!

Winning the Under Hook battle from half guard is an important part of controlling the position. As the bottom player, your sweep game opens up, submissions, and escapes are all possible with that under hook. As the top player, it always you to easily flatten your opponent and passing becomes much easier. BUT, it is […]

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Inside Trip from Russian 2 on 1 + Podcast with STA

The Inside Trip is a great take down that when hit right will floor your opponent and remove any possibility of scrambling out. Why? Because you will land inside their guard, so it is very difficult for the bottom person to scramble when you are between their hips. While it might be the highest scoring […]

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