Bullfighter Pass to Knee on Belly Mount

This passing sequence was one of the common drills I learned at New Wave Jiu Jitsu under John Danaher. We must have gone over it 3 or 4 times in the span of 6 days just weeks before ADCC 2022, so I gathered that it was an important sequence for them.

I took notes and filmed drills of myself going over this, and then documentated it so that I can perserve as many of the details as I could. While this might not be ground breaking techniques for more experienced martial artists, I always look for extra details in basic moves.

These are easy to overlook, and by doing so, you lose a lot of efficiency in the move. Basic moves are so effectively, that even when they are sloppily done, they still work. This leads to people being content with a limited understanding of the move, and not digging further.

This is part 1 of a 4 step sequence. It starts with a bullfighter pass of the the tighter variation, followed by establishing a knee on belly. This is not the standard knee on belly where you are looking to score grips or an underhook. Rather, you are going to go deep across their hips, as you collapse your free leg and bring it close to theirs – all while floating on top of them and developing a wide posting base.

This allows you to float on them and it makes you heavier on their hips. We can then proceed to mount at a controlled speed without getting caught in a quarter mount – something that happens quite a bit to people who try to force mount from a knee on belly.

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  • Thank you for all the details! You make it look very fluid, so if you didn’t point them out they would be invisible

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