Bottom Half Guard Kimura Series – Knee Shield Sit Up

For the toughest of opponents with incredible base, you might struggle to get them to off balance. So instead of moving them, move yourself.

As they are trying to pass, use your knee shield to get up to your knees while maintaining your Kimura grip. Once you are sitting tall, you have tons of options. You can fall back into guard, go into the Tomoe Nage, stand up and throw, even rolling into leg locks. As this was the last technique of the class, I didn’t have time to delve into the myriad of attacks available, but as you play with the position I’m sure you will see the possiblities.

The main keys are to stay tall and to avoid exposing your back unnecessarily. Your knee shield is what is keeping them from running around your back, but it can be passed if given time. So you can bait it (working turtle Kimuras), or be first to strike.

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  • William Weber says:

    You are a beast now. You would slaughter every one Master David. You look awesome young man. Call out Palhares the guy who don’t let go when his opponent taps. You would clean his clock fast now

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