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3%er Details on the Double Leg

In my last email I talked about how by just having a 3% performance edge over your competition can yield results over ten times greater.

In today’s video, I’m going to revisit the double leg in much more detail – Sherlock Holmes style 🙂

See what you can pick up on this video that you may have not known before.

If you find a golden nugget on this video, mine the heck out of it and make that your focus when you practice.

Click below to get the goods:

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David Tice-Mintz says July 22, 2018

Very helpful as all your videos are. I like among other things how you show what your teaching first. I can now do and teach the double leg takedown better.

John says August 1, 2018

Very clear explanations and great video – thanks.

Levi Greene says January 6, 2019

Ty help a few things I forgot
Watching makes me want to get back on mat

Muknaan Jibrin says January 7, 2019

Nice technique,but don’t you think your opponent can deliver a Hiza-knee strike to the face when going to grab the legs. One needs to fast with this technique..

    David Avellan says January 7, 2019

    That is always a concern. That is why having good setups and timing is important.

Khrawpyrkhat Rashir says February 8, 2019


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