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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Under Hook is great until it sucks…

As much as I love under hooks, they can also suck – if you let your opponent dominate you with a strong whizzer or over hook. There are a variety of counter techniques from the over hook, but one of the more devastating moves you can do is a hip throw. There are quite a […]

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Snatch Single Leg from the Under Hook

The Snatch Single is a great take down for people who don’t like to expose themselves to risk. Dropping to your knees can be dangerous, as you expose your head to chokes, head locks, and strikes that can end you. The Snatch Single avoids all that by keeping you on your feet and simply “snatching” […]

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High Crotch from the Under Hook

The Under Hook is my favorite clinch. It can easily transition to other clinches, lots of take downs, great for MMA and striking, and easy to disengage. In fact, I have scored two major take downs that helped me win against BJJ legends Alexande “Xande” Ribeiro and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. Today I will be showing […]

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Do your hate dropping to your knees for shots?

I know a lot of people who complain about shooting because the impact on their knees. Especially if you are a heavy weight or have a history of knee problems, it can be problematic. Good technique will often take care of most of these issues, but even then, there is of course some impact. Plus, […]

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