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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2018

Over Under Pass to Knee Bar with Marcelo Nunes

I got to jump into a class with Robert Drysdale Black Belt Marcelo Nunes and I knew I had to share some of his tricks with you. The guy generates more pressure from top than just about anyone I have trained with. That is saying a lot! In this class, he went over an Over Under Pass series. In this clip, […]

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Wrestling War: Under Hooks Win!

I shared some highlights of my match with Todd Margolis in my Grapplers Quest Debut on Instagram, and got requests to review the whole match. You ask, I deliver. 🙂 Here is a break down of the whole match, and as you will see, under hooks were my key to victory. If you want to […]

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Ninja Choke from Bottom Half Guard

Continuing from the Cheap Choke setup, we could also work into a Ninja Choke, which is like a reverse rear naked choke. The half guard frame is once again a good way of setting this up, and once locked in it is lights out. It is nice because a lot of people are not used […]

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A Cheap Choke From Bottom Half Guard

When you catch someone with this choke, they will be upset wonder what sort of black magic you used to finish them, lol! It is a really quick choke that you can easily set up from your half guard frame. It can also be turned into a baseball choke for a stronger finish if needed. […]

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Kimura Trap System 6 Day Workshop 3/28/18 to 4/5/18 in Miami, FL

March 28th to April 5th Freestyle Fighting Academy 1423 SW 107th Avenue Miami, FL 33174 (305) 225-4610

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SPY CAM – Half Guard Pinning Series Volume 2

Continuing from my previous video, I go over a couple more pins from top half guard that every MMA fighter should be familiar with. The Under Hook and Over Hook Pin. These are two important pins that are very easy to do, but more importantly are very effective. One thing to keep in mind with […]

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