SPY CAM – Half Guard Pinning Series Volume 2

Continuing from my previous video, I go over a couple more pins from top half guard that every MMA fighter should be familiar with.

The Under Hook and Over Hook Pin.

These are two important pins that are very easy to do, but more importantly are very effective. One thing to keep in mind with pins is that they are not meant to last forever. Heck, in wrestling a pin only has to last for a second before the referee calls the match. Our goal with a pin is to score some big shots while the pin is in place before our opponent recovers.

But, there is nothing stopping us from pinning him again with the same pin over and over. These pins I am teaching are easily reused with great effect. Eventually, you will break your opponent or at the very least put them in survival modewhere they are no longer trying to win the fight but instead just avoiding getting finished. If you put someone in that state of mind, you have already won the fight.

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