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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2013

Lifting for Strength

lifting strength

Carrying off from yesterday’s post, let me share with you my approach towards building strength and muscle. First, all the lifting workouts are short at around 30 minutes. The work period ranges from 15-30 seconds. Rest time is about 1-2 minutes, and should be used to hydrate and stretch. Also, you should have a good […]

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Pumping Iron

lifting pumping iron

Sorry I have been away from the keyboard for awhile, but I have been keeping busy! Although my knee hasn’t recovered as quickly as I hoped, I have been able to roll for the past two weeks. I’m still not quite 100% yet, but I would say I am around 87% combat effective. 🙂 To […]

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Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail

Unfortunately, I have been the nail these past few weeks. LOL! Such is life. All I can do now is learn from my experiences and become better for it. I have been away from the computer for a while, so I apologize for the lack of updates. To get you caught up, I competed on […]

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How to Watch Me Compete Tomorrow!

These past 2 weeks I have been preparing for the 2013 IBBJF No Gi World Championships this Sunday. I have had a great time training, eating, and site-seeing here in Los Angeles, California. I really love the weather here! Being able to walk outside with sweating is so refreshing, lol! I got in a few […]

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