November 2, 2013

These past 2 weeks I have been preparing for the 2013 IBBJF No Gi World Championships this Sunday.

I have had a great time training, eating, and site-seeing here in Los Angeles, California. I really love the weather here! Being able to walk outside with sweating is so refreshing, lol!

I got in a few more training sessions with Alberto Crane and Jason Selva. Then, I got to do the Halloween Horror Nights on Halloween, which was pretty cool. I didn’t get spooked though, thanks to all the Ninja Training that we do at FFA (Ninja Game is always on at FFA).

All systems are ready to go now. Just like before, my body is 100% ready. This time I am coming in with a different strategy, and I am looking forward to seeing improved results.

I will be going to watch some of the watches today after posting this and getting a feel of the mats.

If you want to watch me compete tomorrow, go to this site:


There, you can order the Stream to watch the matches. I have three matches scheduled as follows:

  1. Sunday, Mat 8, Fight 14, start at 11:16am (PST).
  2. Sunday, Mat 3, Fight 30 start at: 1:55pm (PST).
  3. Sunday, Mat 2, Fight 41 start at: 3:33pm (PST).

Thank you to everyone for your support, and I look forward to stepping on the mats again tomorrow!

  • Good luck David, Tom Farr, Renzo Gracie Newark

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