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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2012

What’s Your Favorite Color?

That doesn’t really matter, right? I was asked by my cousin not too long ago (who just got bit by the MMA bug) all sorts of questions, one of which was how do I prepare myself for a match. I have a mental imagery system that I use to get myself prepared for a match. […]

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DU Sweep *LIVE* Webinar – This Saturday at 2:30pm EST

After my first webinar on the Guillotine Choke, I had the live audience vote on the topic of my next webinar. Sweeps was chosen, so I will be showing you a great sweep series that will complement your BJJ and MMA game. I will be using the same format as before. I will first introduce […]

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You Are What You Think…

…Most About. This can be good or bad, but more often than not it is limiting. Most people don’t invest in themselves – and I’m NOT talking about financially. I’m talking about putting some time aside everyday and talking to yourself. Not aloud in public – that would be kind of weird, LOL 🙂 It […]

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Enemies, Opponents, Rivals = Great Friends?

The people you fight with the most tend to be the people closest to your heart. Anyone who has siblings or is married knows this all to well, LOL! The same is sometimes true in the competition arena. If you are without ego, it is hard not to respect a person that you have battled […]

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Do you check yourself out?

You should. Not because you are admiring your body (LOL), but to look for areas to improve. My brother and I since we first started competing have always filmed our performances. It is the easiest way to spot mistakes, learn new moves, and develop improved tactics. This practice is pretty common amongst serious competitors, but […]

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Omega Juicer 8006 – Awesomeness!

If you have been following me for some time, you know that I have a passion for food. I am a fan of all natural, fresh squeezed fruit juices. The problem is that it usually takes too long to justify the effort. Even with most juicers, you have a lot of clean up to do […]

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