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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Y-Choke

Back in 2001, I knew from little about the half guard. It was more of a transitional position for me that I got stuck in when someone was trying to pass guard. I just knew that I had to get back to full guard or scramble up to my feet. That all changed after I […]

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What is Your Game Plan?

In every sport, successful coaches always prepare a game plan just like a general prepares a strategy for battle. Going into a conflict without a plan is like flying blind – you leave yourself exposed and unready to capitalize on every opportunity. Some people equate having a game plan as to being a boring fighter. […]

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Back to Basics – Finer Points of the Arm Bar

We all have things that we thought we knew everything about for many years, only to find that we were missing some key piece of the technique. Perhaps today will be that day for you 🙂 I will be breaking down the finer points of the arm bar that are very often overlooked – I […]

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Website is now operational!

Hey guys and gals! It took me some time to setup the site, but I now have it running and I’m excited 🙂 If you join the email list on your right, you will get exclusive access to all my latest video uploads, MMA & BJJ philosophies, nutrition tips, and much more! Thank you for […]

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