April 16, 2012

I will be taking off tonight to Las Vegas to meet with some of the greatest minds in MMA.

Whenever I travel, it is a challenge to my routine. The change of scenery, a new schedule, and my priority list all gets reorganized – making it hard to stick to what I have setup now, but not impossible.

Everyone has experienced this in one way or another. Vacations, illness, new job, and new love are events that can crush a structured regimen. All of these things make great excuses for one to fall off the wagon.

Excuses are just words that soften the blow of failure. If your excuses sound comforting to your ears and set your conscience at ease, you have gotten good at deceiving yourself.

Keep yourself in line and stay the course. No excuses.

I tell you this so that I will have to hold myself accountable for the next few days while I am in Vegas. Besides the daily blogs, I have a new technique to post and a video review to post on Thursday.

That reminds me, make sure to submit your videos by Wednesday morning as I will need time to review the video and record my response.

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