October 16, 2013

I am very happy to announce that ADCC will be doing a *LIVE* stream for the 2013 Submission Wrestling World Championships!

I had many people at home, and many of you that were asking me how to watch, so here is the page you need to visit to get access info:

Now some people have asked me if there was a way to bet on ADCC, and of course the internet has an answer for that as well. 🙂

You can check out the odds on the Superfights and of each weight class below:

Click Here for the 2013 ADCC Submission World Championship Betting Lines!

As far as my day yesterday, it was another amazing day here. I almost feel like I am on vacation. 🙂

Got to roll with Cyborg, which was a lot of fun. So technical, and he moves like a light-weight – very scary!

We also got to hang out with Master Rickson all day, which was such a privilege. The highlight of the day was when he talked about his passion for Jiu Jitsu, and the pride that he had for his son to be following in his foot steps. It was awesome to see how much love was there between these two warriors.

My weight is on point, feeling amazing, and I am ready to make history this weekend!

Until tomorrow my friends!

  • Good luck, Master David! We’re all pulling for you. To the other posters/followers on here, any additional info about the live stream on USTREAM ppv would be appreciated. Do you have to purchase a ppv for each mat (channel) in order to watch each mat? Do you have to do this for each session? Thanks!

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