June 9, 2020

As things are starting to settle down (and hopefully keep trending that way), I’m announcing my next BJJ/MMA Retreat here in Las Vegas at my new home from September 29 to October 5th. 

I will be holding all of the training from my home, and for the guests that decide to stay with me (not required), you will get access to:

  • My home has a fully matted area that is about 500sqft that you will be able to use whenever you like
  • Breakfast, complementary beverages and snacks
  • Access to my kitchen, BBQ Grill, Smoker
  • Use of my home gym, which includes an Iron Master IM-2000 system that has dumbbells, squat rack, low and high cable pulleys, FID adjustable bench, smith machine, and more.
  • Recovery tools such as a 8 person Barrel Sauna, the Full Body Normatec Compression System, a Cozzia EC-618 Massage Chair, a Percussion Massager, a Massage Table (masseuse available for additional fee) and more available to you to relax and recuperate
  • Free WIFI and TV with ESPN Plus, UFC Fight Pass, Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max
  • Transportation to the Strip and group events included
  • Only 10 minutes away from the Strip on one straight road
  • You will have plenty of opportunities to pick David’s brain while hanging out with him at his home

Of course, if you are looking to reenact the Hang Over, then you will probably want to stay at one of the strip casinos, and still come in to train with me at my home and hang out for a bit before getting wild again. 🙂

Like my other camps, I reward the early bird. So anyone who jumps in now saves 20%. Plus, you will only need to put in fifty percent deposit, which is refundable within 60 days.

If you just want to do the training, you will have the option of having a reduced deposit.

Just visit the site below to learn more and register soon, as I’m limiting it to 14 students max.

This is going to be an amazing experience! Not only are you going to level up your MMA/BJJ game, but you will have some great memories.

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