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Kimura Trap System

Throw by from the Russian 2 on 1


Most clinches in wrestling come naturally. Head and arm, Over Under, and Under Hooks are pretty easy to get by accident.

The Russian 2 on 1, however, is not something you stumble upon by accident. Untrained people generally have no idea what it is and how to deal with it, so it gives you that south paw edge if you learn it well.

One of the first techniques every wrestler learns from the 2 on 1 is the throw by. It is simple, effective, and easy to setup – my favorite type of move. ­čÖé

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Kristopher Buranasombati says July 26, 2018

Awesome video, thanks for this!!!

Lic. Wenceslao Medina Quesada says July 26, 2018

Es interesante ,se├▒alando que se puede hace palanca al brazo con abdomen en este momento .

Earl Gardner says July 27, 2018

Thanks David,
Good technique and well explained

Kordali says July 27, 2018

Hi,i really Like and practice your Techniques on my gym good job oss

William Weber says November 11, 2018

Just a gifted teacher athlete and mentor. GODbles and keep it coming!!!

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