The Merkle

You are not the only one that studies techniques online. 🙂

I too spend time online looking at techniques from all sorts of people. I believe it is important to keep yourself up to date with all the latest happenings, and see where improvements and innovations can be made.

I had recently demonstrated a rolling knee bar from being the top man in a turtle position utilizing a wrestling leg hook, and I came across a video from BJJScout using that same hook here. BJJScout has a great YouTube Channel that I would recommend subscribing to that you can check out here.

I didn’t realize that the name of that hook was the “Merkle,” or that it could be used as a sweep from the knees or standing!

So in this video, I made some modifications to show you how you can use it in BJJ or MMA. Of course, I added some submission options such as the Bully Choke, the Knee Bar, or a Texas Clover Leaf. This position would also give you the opportunity to take the back or at the very least get a dominant top position. Check it out:

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