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The Rocking Chair Sweep


Under hooks are one of the most important clinches you can secure in grappling. For wrestling, they give you a plethora of take downs and counters.

In BJJ, most of your passes will be secured by an under hook. As the bottom person, you can hit some really nice sweeps with under hooks – especially if you have two of them!

In this spy cam, I share with you one of the sweeps you can hit from a double under hook butterfly guard – the Rocking Chair Sweep.

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Mars says April 19, 2018

How can i escape from tus kimura real when o Tale tus back from my oponent

    David Avellan says April 19, 2018

    I’m not quite sure what you are asking. I do cover escapes for the Kimura on the Kimura Trap System course: https://kimuratrap.com/story

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